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Spring and half-marathon training (March 2017)


Hello! Today is March 23rd, which means Spring has finally arrived! It didn’t seem like it this morning with -10 degrees and windchill. I was thinking about writing a post on winter running, but my hands and toes were completely frozen this morning and I don’t really know why. I ran in -30 degrees weather last week and it didn’t feel half as bad as it did this morning… Fortunately, the forecast for the next weeks seems a lot more positive for us ;). Anyways, I wanted to write about my favorites of the month and about my next goal: Ottawa’s half marathon which takes place May 28th, 2017.


Winter running is SO fun. I love running when the temperature is cooler. “It’s too cold to run.” definitely shouldn’t be an excuse anymore, in my case. When I dress properly, there’s no problem in running in the cold. I discovered gaiters this year and found some designed for runners from Louis Garneau. It saved my ankles. I also invested in winter running shoes from Salomon (Speedcross) and it has changed my views on winter running. My toes never freeze in these shoes and they make me feel like I am jumping every step of my runs. I also wear layers of clothes when running outside. I always wear sunglasses and ear warmers. Usually I wear a long-sleeve shirt with my Salomon soft shell or Old Navy puffy coat. When it’s below -10 degrees, I usually put 2 pairs of pants (legging+snow pants designed for cross country skiing) and something to cover my neck and face if there’s a lot of wind (a buff for example). I don’t usually put any winter socks, just my usual running socks and Salomon shoes. I ran in really cold weather this winter (-20, -30) and really actually appreciated these runs. Can’t wait to put the winter gear away tho 😉 haha. How’s winter running going for you?


Also, I’ve started a running journal. I really like it and I love these kind of things so I am pretty excited about it. I have to admit to I sometimes find it hard to take a moment everyday to write it down. I really want to stick to it, so I’m trying to make it a habit. Mine’s inspired by Jayme from the Pacing Life, go check hers out!

img_8379 img_8374

At the beginning of the month I had the chance to meet Patrick Charlebois, who ran 7 marathons, on 7 continents, in 7 days in the context of the World Marathon Challenge. How crazy is that? I am incredibly impressed by his mental strength. To run 7 marathons in 7 days he did a lot of volume training of course, but also aqua jogging, sometimes during 4h30… I can’t even imagine running 1h in the water, let alone 4h30… As he was saying, we often put ourselves mental barriers that are hard to break (hello 2h half-marathon).  When we train properly, we have to put our trust in our training and go out there. Self-doubt often creeps in a couple of days before races (or any big event), especially when the event is nerve-racking. We have to train our brain to not let that self-doubt keep us from attaining our goals. We must acknowledge that stress and self-doubt might always be there, but find ways to fight it and give our best anyways. As you might have noticed, I am particularly interested in mental preparation and sports psychology lately :).


If you live in Montréal, you sure want to try LOV restaurant downtown. It’s vegan friendly, so good and it’s hands down the prettiest restaurant ever!!!

img_8576I’m in love with this from @runinkdesign and everything they do. This quote is going to be my mantra for my half marathon training for Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. I am running Scotiabank Ottawa half marathon. I will try a new training plan with my coach for this event. I will be running more, 4x/week (I ran 3x/week for Gasparilla’s Amber challenge). I really want to race, to run this one in a performance goal. My current half marathon PB is 2:24 and I really think I can run faster ;). I’ll keep you posted on the training. For my long term goal, I really think my first marathon will take place in October 2018. I am SO excited, but I know I need time to increase my mileage and work on my speed. I found a friend who’s in with me (allô Cathouuu). I think it’s so much better to have someone to share your ups and downs, complains and victories, when training for something so big. Also, I can’t imagine how amazing it would feel to cross the marathon finish line and celebrate this with a good friend :).

Thanks for reading all of today’s ramblings ;). I’ll try to post more often, maybe once every two weeks, every week? We shall see how this goes. Have a great week and happy runs ! <3


How was your first race, did you run it alone?

I’mwanting to update my running playlist, any song to recommend?

I’m a HUGE fan of Calvin harris, Kygo, the Chainsmokers, Lost Frequencies, Coldplay when it comes to running.



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    Catherine Boisclair-Laberge
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    Hahaha wow je suis touchée d’être nommée ! Excellent texte cathou 🙂 Déjà hate de faire mon premier Marathon avec toi 😉

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